Books 2017

A listing of the books I read this year. The date shown is the date I finished reading the book. Links contain my affiliate code - support this site by buying a book or three.

Hors catégorie

These books are hors catégorie, beyond categorization.

  10/19/2014 The Martian Andy WeirHardback387 pagesScience Fictionnew★★★★★★
 5/3/2015 Born to Win: A Life-long Struggle to Capture the America's Cup John BertrandHardback385 pagesNon-fictionreread★★★★★★

2017 books

1. 1/4/2017 The Wise Man's Fears Patrick RothfussPaperback1008 pagesFantasynew★★★★★
2. 1/8/2017 The Slow Regard of Silent Things Patrick RothfussPaperback176 pagesFantasynew★★★★★
3. 1/18/2017 Inheritance Christopher PaoliniAudiobook31h 22mFantasynew★★☆☆☆
4. 1/22/2017 The Proving Ground G. Bruce KnechtHardback320 pagesNon Fictionnew★★★★★
5. 1/26/2017 Blue Water, Green Skipper Stuart WoodsHardback282 pagesNon Fictionnew★★★★☆
6. 1/28/2017 Grand Ambition G. Bruce KnechtHardback256 pagesNon Fictionnew★★★★☆
7. 1/29/2017 Left For Dead Nick WardHardback208 pagesNon Fictionnew★★★★☆
8. 2/4/2017 Livia Lone Barry EislerPaperback358 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
9. 2/6/2017 Fastnet, Force 10 John RousmanierePaperback304 pagesNon Fictionnew★★★★☆
10. 2/11/2017 Forever War Joe HaldemaneBook292 pagesScience Fictionreread★★★★☆
11. 2/11/2017 A World of My Own Robin Knox-JohnstonPaperback244 pagesNon Fictionnew★★★★☆
12. 2/19/2017 Guilty Minds Joseph FinderHardback400 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
13. 2/20/2017 The Whistler John GrishamHardback384 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
14. 2/23/2017 The Hungry Ocean Linda GreenlawPaperback288 pagesNon Fictionnew★★★☆☆
15. 3/5/2017 The Wrong Side of Goodbye Michael ConnellyHardback400 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
16. 3/19/2017 Ocean of Storms Christopher Mari and Jeremy K. BrownPaperback410 pagesScience Fictionnew★★★☆☆
17. 3/19/2017 Bookburners Max Gladstone Hardback800 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆


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