Books 2015

A listing of the books I read this year. The date shown is the date I finished reading the book. Links contain my affiliate code - support this site by buying a book or three.

Hors catégorie

These books are hors catégorie, beyond categorization.

  10/19/2014 The Martian Andy WeirHardback387 pagesScience Fictionnew★★★★★★
 5/3/2015 Born to Win: A Life-long Struggle to Capture the America's Cup John BertrandHardback385 pagesNon-fictionreread★★★★★★

2015 books

1. 1/1/2015 What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions Randall MonroeHardback303 pagesNon-fictionnew★★★★★
2. 1/3/2015 The Doll: A Novel Taylor StevensHardback352 pagesFictionnew★★☆☆☆
3. 1/4/2015 The Last Battle: When U.S. and German Soldiers Joined Forces in the Waning Hours of World War II in Europe Stephen HardingHardback223 pagesNon-fictionnew★★★★☆
4. 1/10/2015 The Catch: A Novel Taylor StevensHardback358 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
5. 1/12/2015 Reamde Neal StephensonAudiobook38 h 34 mFictionre-listen★★★★★
6. 1/20/2015 The Escape (John Puller Series) David BaldacciHardback480 pagesFictionnew★★★☆☆
7. 1/20/2015 Lock In John ScalziHardback336 pagesScience Fictionnew★★★★☆
8. 1/30/2015 Ratlines Stuart NevilleAudiobook10 h 19 mFictionnew★★★★☆
9. 2/7/2015 The Twelve (Book Two of The Passage Trilogy): A Novel (Book Two of The Passage Trilogy) Justin CroninKindle600 pagesFictionreread★★★★★
10. 2/8/2015 Wool Hugh HoweyPaperback507 pagesScience Fictionnew★★★★★
11. 2/17/2015 The Hanged Man's Song John SandfordAudiobook9 hoursFictionnew★★★★☆
12. 2/19/2015 Monster Frank PerettiHardback464 pagesFictionnew★★☆☆☆
13. 2/21/2015 The Boost Stephen BakerHardback336 pagesScience Fictionnew★★★☆☆
14. 2/22/2015 Ghosts of Bungo Suido P. T. DeutermannHardback343 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
15. 2/27/2015 Official Privilege P. T. DeutermannHardback392 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
16. 3/04/2015 The Footprints of God: A Novel Greg IlesPaperback546 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
17. 3/04/2015 Storm Front (A Virgil Flowers Novel) John SandfordAudiobook9h 30mFictionnew★★★☆☆
18. 3/07/2015 The Fool's Run (Kidd) John SandfordPaperback299 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
19. 3/12/2015 White Plague (A Joe Rush Novel) James AbelHardback336 pagesFictionnew★★★☆☆
20. 3/13/2015 Rules of Prey (The Prey Series Book 1) John SandfordKindle372 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
21.3/14/2015 Shadow Prey (The Prey Series Book 2) John SandfordKindle464 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
22.3/15/2015 Eyes of Prey (The Prey Series Book 3) John SandfordKindle372 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
23.3/15/2015 Silent Prey (The Prey Series Book 4) John SandfordKindle400 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
24.3/16/2015 Winter Prey (The Prey Series Book 5) John SandfordKindle356 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
25.3/17/2015 Night Prey (The Prey Series Book 6) John SandfordKindle420 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
26.3/19/2015 Mind Prey John SandfordPaperback442 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
27.3/21/2015 Sudden Prey John SandfordPaperback449 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
28.3/22/2015 Secret Prey John SandfordHardback392 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
29.3/22/2015 Certain Prey John SandfordHardback339 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
30.3/23/2015 Easy Prey John SandfordHardback407 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
31.3/23/2015 Field of Prey John SandfordAudiobook12 hoursFictionnew★★★★☆
32.3/25/2015 Chosen Prey (Windsor Selection) John SandfordHardback357 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
33.3/26/2015 Mortal Prey John SandfordHardback416 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
34.3/28/2015 Naked Prey John SandfordHardback368 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
35.3/29/2015 Hidden Prey John SandfordHardback400 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
36.3/31/2015 Broken Prey (Lucas Davenport) John SandfordHardback400 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
37.4/2/2015 Invisible Prey John SandfordHardback384 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
38.4/3/2015 Phantom Prey John SandfordHardback373 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
39.4/5/2015 Wicked Prey (Lucas Davenport, No. 19) John SandfordPaperback464 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
40.4/6/2015 Storm Prey John SandfordHardback416 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
41.4/7/2015 Buried Prey John SandfordHardback472 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
42.4/9/2015 Silken Prey: A Lucas Davenport Novel John SandfordHardback463 pagesFictionnew★★★★★
43.4/11/2015 Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader Brent Schlender and Rick TetzeliAudiobook16.5 hoursNon-fictionnew★★★★★
44.4/11/2015 Stolen Prey John SandfordHardback464 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
45.4/12/2015 The Deep Blue Good-by: A Travis McGee Novel John D. MacDonaldPaperback240 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
46.4/13/2015 Nightmare in Pink John D. MacDonaldPaperback146 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
47.4/14/2015 A Purple Place for Dying: A Travis McGee Novel John D. MacDonaldPaperback158 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
48.4/15/2015 The Quick Red Fox: A Travis McGee Novel John D. MacDonaldPaperback160 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
49.4/17/2015 Long Lost David MorrellPaperback354 pagesFictionnew★★★☆☆
50.4/17/2015 The Countess of Stanlein Restored: A History of the Countess of Stanlein Ex Paganini Stradivarius Cello of 1707 Nicholas DelbancoHardback104 pagesNon-fictionnew★★★★★
51.4/23/2015 Train Man P. T. DeutermannPaperback448 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
52.4/25/2015 Parasite (Parasitology) Mira GrantHardback504 pagesScience Fictionnew★★★★★
53.4/26/2015 Symbiont (Parasitology) Mira GrantHardback528 pagesScience Fictionnew★★★★★
54.4/27/2015 1356: A Novel Bernard CornwellAudiobook11 h 56 mHistorical Fictionnew★★★★★
55.5/3/2015 Born to Win: A Life-long Struggle to Capture the America's Cup John BertrandHardback385 pagesNon-fictionreread★★★★★★
56.5/4/2015 Impasse: A Novel Royce Scott BuckinghamHardback304 pagesFictionnew★★★☆☆
57.5/5/2015 The Godwulf Manuscript (Spencer, No. 1) (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback204 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
58.5/6/2015 God Save the Child (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback202 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
59.5/7/2015 Mortal Stakes (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback190 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
60.5/8/2015 Promised Land (A Spenser Novel) Robert B. ParkerPaperback218 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
61.5/10/2015 The Judas Goat (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback208 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
62.5/10/2015 Looking for Rachel Wallace (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback224 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
63.5/10/2015 Early Autumn (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback221 pagesFictionreread★★★★★
64.5/12/2015 A Savage Place Robert B. ParkerPaperback186 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
65.5/14/2015 The Winter King Bernard CornwellAudiobook19 h 55 mFictionnew★★★★★
66.5/14/2015 Ceremony (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback224 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
67.5/15/2015 The Widening Gyre (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback192 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
68.5/16/2015 Valediction (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback288 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
69.5/16/2015 A Catskill Eagle (Spenser, Book 12) Robert B. ParkerPaperback384 pagesFictionreread★★★★★
70.5/17/2015 Taming a Sea-Horse Robert B. ParkerPaperback308 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
71.5/18/2015 Gathering Prey John SandfordHardback416 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
72.5/23/2015 Seveneves: A Novel Neal StephensonHardback867 pagesFictionnew★★★★★
73.5/25/2015 Dark of the Moon (A Virgil Flowers Novel) John SandfordPaperback432 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
74.5/25/2015 Pale Kings and Princes (Spenser, No 14) Robert B. ParkerPaperback297 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
75.5/26/2015 Crimson Joy (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback292 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
76.5/26/2015 Playmates (Spenser, No 16) Robert B. ParkerPaperback288 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
77.5/27/2015 Stardust (Spenser #17) Robert B. ParkerPaperback320 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
78.5/28/2015 Pastime (Spenser 18) Robert B. ParkerPaperback352 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
79.5/28/2015 Double Deuce (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback272 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
80.5/31/2015 Heat Lightning (Virgil Flowers, No. 2) John SandfordPaperback448 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
81.6/2/2015 Rough Country (A Virgil Flowers Novel) John SandfordHardback447 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
82.6/3/2015 Thin Air (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback320 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
83.6/4/2015 Chance (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback352 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
84.6/5/2015 Small Vices (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback338 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
85.6/7/2015 Hush Money (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback384 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
86.6/7/2015 Hugger Mugger (Spenser) Robert B. ParkerPaperback352 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
87.6/8/2015 Bad Blood: a Virgil Flowers novel John SandfordHardback400 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
88.6/10/2015 Shock Wave (A Virgil Flowers Novel) John SandfordPaperback418 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
89.6/10/2015 The Detachment (John Rain) Barry EislerKindle325 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
90.6/11/2015 The Martian Andy WeirHardback387 pagesScience Fictionreread★★★★★★
91.6/13/2015 Mad River (A Virgil Flowers Novel) John SandfordPaperback432 pagesFictionreread★★★☆☆
92.6/15/2015 The Monkey's Raincoat (Elvis Cole) Robert CraisPaperback237 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
93.6/16/2015 Stalking the Angel Robert CraisHardback231 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
94.6/20/2015 Shibumi: A Novel TrevanianPaperback440 pagesFictionreread★★★★★
95.6/21/2015 Satori Don WinslowPaperback504 pagesFictionreread★★★★★
96.6/22/2015 A String of Beads (Jane Whitefield) Thomas PerryHardback388 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
97.6/25/2015 The Five Fingers Gayle Rivers & James HudsonPaperback331 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
98.6/29/2015 Spencerville Nelson DeMilleKindle660 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
99.6/30/2015 A Time to Kill John GrishamAudiobook15 h 56 mFictionnew★★★★☆
100.7/4/2015 The Watchman: A Joe Pike Novel Robert CraisKindle388 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
101.7/11/2015 The Martian Andy WeirAudiobook10 h 53 mFictionnew★★★★★★
102.7/30/2015 Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War P. W. Singer & August ColeKindle416 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
103.8/5/2015 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium Series) Stieg LarssonAudiobook16h 19mFictionreread★★★★★
104.8/11/2015 The English Spy Daniel SilvaHardback484 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
105.8/22/2015 The Architect's Apprentice: A Novel Elif ShafakHardback432 pagesFictionnew★★★★★
106.8/27/2015 The Girl Who Played with Fire: The Millennium Series, Book 2 Stieg LarssonAudiobook18h 38mFictionreread★★★★★
107.9/14/2015 Five: A Novel Ursula ArcherHardback336 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
108.9/21/2015 The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Stieg LarssonAudiobook20h 20mFictionreread★★★★★
109.9/28/2015 The Bone Season: A Novel Samantha ShannonHardback452 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆
110.10/12/2015 Invasion of Privacy: A Novel Christopher ReichHardback384 pagesFictionnew★★★☆☆
111.10/12/2015 Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory Ben MacintyreAudiobook11h 18mNon-Fictionreread★★★★☆
113.10/18/2015 The Enemy (Jack Reacher, Book 8) Lee ChildKindle400 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
114.10/24/2015 The Hard Way (Jack Reacher) Lee ChildKindle512 pagesFictionreread★★★★☆
115.10/26/2015 Ready Player One Ernest ClineAudiobook15h 46mFictionreread★★★★★
116.10/28/2015 Masters of Deception: The Gang That Ruled Cyberspace Michele SlatallaPaperback240 pagesNon-Fictionreread★★★★★
117.11/01/2015 The Cuckoo's Egg: Tracking a Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage Clifford StollHardback326 pagesNon-Fictionreread★★★★★
118.11/11/2015 Dangerous Ground Larry BondPaperback449 pagesFictionnew★★★☆☆
119.11/14/2015 Armada: A Novel Ernest ClineAudiobook11h 58mScience Fictionnew★★★★☆
120.12/01/2015 Showstopper!: The Breakneck Race to Create Windows NT and the Next Generation at Microsoft G. Pascal ZacharyHardback338 pagesNon-Fictionreread★★★★☆
121.12/07/2015 Runner (Sam Dryden) Patrick LeeHardback336 pagesFictionreread★★★★★
122.12/09/2015 Saturn Run John Sandford and CteinAudiobook16h 35mScience Fictionnew★★★★★
123.12/24/2015 Signal: A Sam Dryden Novel Patrick LeeHardback320 pagesFictionnew★★★★☆