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A listing of the books I read this year. The date shown is the date I finished reading the book. Links contain my affiliate code - support this site by buying a book or three.

⊕ denotes new books that I haven't read before.

Hors catégorie

These books are hors catégorie, beyond categorization.

 10/19/2014The Martian★★★★★★
 5/3/2015Born to Win: A Life-long Struggle to Capture the America's Cup★★★★★★
 11/26/2018The Lord of the Rings★★★★★★

2018 books

1.1/1/2018⊕ The Wrong Stars★★★★★
2.1/3/2018⊕ Barbary Station★★★☆☆
3.1/5/2018⊕ Metzger's Dog★★★★☆
4.1/7/2018The Serpent's Coil★★★★☆
5.1/10/2018⊕ The Taking of K-129: How the CIA Used Howard Hughes to Steal a Russian Sub in the Most Daring Covert Operation in History★★★★★
6.1/13/2018Grey Seas Under★★★★★
7.1/13/2018⊕ Silence★★★★☆
8.1/16/2018⊕ The Late Show★★★★☆
9.1/19/2018Rules of Prey★★★★☆
10.1/20/2018Shadow Prey★★★★☆
11.1/21/2018⊕ Deep Freeze★★★★★
12.1/22/2018Eyes of Prey★★★☆☆
13.1/25/2018Silent Prey★★★☆☆
14.1/26/2018Golden Prey★★★★☆
15.1/26/2018⊕ An Unkindness of Magicians★★★★★
16.1/27/2018Winter Prey★★★★★
17.1/27/2018Night Prey★★★★☆
18.1/29/2018Mind Prey★★★★☆
19.1/31/2018Sudden Prey★★★☆☆
20.2/3/2018Secret Prey★★★★☆
21.2/4/2018Certain Prey★★★★★
22.2/5/2018The Hanged Man's Song★★★★★
23.2/5/2018Easy Prey★★★★☆
24.2/7/2018Chosen Prey★★★★☆
25.2/8/2018Mortal Prey★★★★★
26.2/10/2018Naked Prey★★★★★
27.2/11/2018⊕ The Kill Clause★★★★☆
28.2/16/2018⊕ PGP & GPG: Email for the Practical Parinoid★★★☆☆
29.2/17/2018⊕ Dead Zero★★★☆☆
30.2/18/2018Broken Prey★★★★☆
31.2/20/2018Livia Lone★★★★☆
32.2/23/2018The Affair★★★☆☆
33.2/23/2018⊕ The Night Trade★★★★☆
34.3/4/2018Red Sparrow★★★★★
35.3/10/2018Invisible Prey★★★★☆
36.3/14/2018⊕ Exploding the Phone★★★★★
37.3/15/2018⊕ House of Spies★★★★☆
38.3/17/2018Palace of Treason★★★★★
39.3/21/2018⊕ The Kremlin's Candidate★★★★★
40.3/25/2018⊕ Murder on the Orient Express★★★★☆
41.3/29/2018⊕ The Take★★★★☆
42.3/31/2018⊕ Hellbent: An Orphan X Novel★★★★★
43.4/1/2018Phantom Prey★★★★☆
44.4/5/2018Dark of the Moon★★★★☆
45.4/6/2018⊕ All Systems Red★★★★★
46.4/10/2018Heat Lightning★★★★☆
47.4/14/2018⊕ The Fifth Season★★★★★
48.4/17/2018⊕ The Bomb Maker★★★★★
49.4/19/2018Wicked Prey★★★★☆
50.4/21/2018Storm Prey★★★★☆
51.4/22/2018Buried Prey★★★★☆
52.4/24/2018Rough Country★★★★☆
53.4/29/2018Bad Blood★★★★☆
54.5/6/2018Shock Wave★★★★☆
55.5/11/2018Ready Player One★★★★★
56.5/13/2018Mad River★★★★☆
57.5/18/2018Stolen Prey★★★★☆
58.5/20/2018Storm Front★★★★★
59.5/23/2018All Systems Red: The Muderbot Diaries★★★★★
60.5/25/2018⊕ Artifical Condition: The Murderbot Diaries★★★★★
62.5/27/2018⊕ The Wanted★★★★★
63.6/3/2018Silken Prey★★★☆☆
64.6/5/2018Escape Clause★★★★☆
65.6/7/2018Deep Freeze★★★★★
66.6/9/2018And The Sea Will Tell★★★★★
67.6/10/2018⊕ Twisted Prey★★★★★
68.6/18/2018⊕ Trust No One★★★★☆
69.6/24/2018⊕ Exceptional Clearance★★★☆☆
70.6/24/2018⊕ The Obelisk Gate★★★☆☆
71.6/27/2018⊕ The Cairo Affair★★★★☆
72.7/1/2018⊕ A Darker Shade of Magic★★★★☆
74.7/14/2018⊕ The Precisionists: How precision engineers created the modern world★★★★★
76.7/20/2018⊕ Vanishing Act★★★★★
77.7/21/2018⊕ Dance for the Dead★★★★★
78.7/23/2018⊕ Shadow Woman★★★★★
79.7/23/2018⊕ The Archer's Tale★★★★☆
80.7/27/2018⊕ The Face Changers★★★★☆
81.7/29/2018⊕ Blood Money★★★★☆
82.8/3/2018The Hunt for Red October★★★★★
83.8/5/2018⊕ Jack of Spies★★★★★
84.8/6/2018⊕ Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI★★★★★
85.8/8/2018⊕ Rogue Protocol: The Murderbot Diaries★★★★★
86.8/11/2018⊕ The Other Woman★★★★★
87.8/15/2018⊕ Gunmetal Gray★★★★☆
88.8/22/2018⊕ The Lost City of the Monkey God★★★★☆
89.8/25/2018⊕ One Man's Flag★★★★★
90.8/27/2018⊕ Ballistic★★★★☆
91.8/29/2018⊕ Head On★★★★☆
92.9/1/2018⊕ Silesian Station★★★★★
93.9/1/2018⊕ The Gray Man★★★★☆
94.9/2/2018⊕ On Target★★★★☆
95.9/3/2018⊕ Dead Eye★★★★☆
96.9/3/2018⊕ Stettin Station★★★★★
97.9/10/2018⊕ Potsdam Station★★★★★
98.9/11/2018⊕ Creative Selection★★★★★
100.9/21/2018⊕ Lehrter Station★★★★★
101.9/23/2018⊕ Agent in Place★★★★☆
102.10/5/2018⊕ Masaryk Station★★★★★
103.10/7/2018⊕ We Are Legion★★★★☆
104.10/9/2018The Stand★★★★★
105.10/29/2018⊕ Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road★★★★★
106.10/29/2018⊕ Exit Strategy★★★☆☆
107.10/30/2018⊕ The Lock Artist★★★★★
108.11/3/2018⊕ A Cold Day in Paradise★★★★★
109.11/4/2018⊕ Winter of the Wolf Moon★★★★★
110.11/4/2018⊕ The Second Life of Nick Mason★★★★☆
111.11/5/2018⊕ The Hunting Wind★★★★☆
112.11/7/2018⊕ North of Nowhere★★★★☆
113.11/10/2018⊕ The Silkworm★★★★★
114.11/10/2018⊕ Blood is the Sky★★★★★
115.11/11/2018⊕ Ice Run★★★★☆
116.11/15/2018⊕ A Stolen Season★★★★★
117.11/18/2018⊕ Night Work★★★★☆
118.11/26/2018The Lord of the Rings★★★★★★
119.11/30/2018⊕ Exit Strategy★★★★★
120.12/2/2018Hunting season★★★☆☆
121.12/8/2018⊕ Career of Evil★★★★★
122.12/8/2018⊕ Misery Bay★★★★★
123.12/10/2018⊕ Gunpowder Moon★★★★★
124.12/11/2018⊕ Die A Stranger★★★★☆
125.12/11/2018⊕ Let It Burn★★★★★
126.12/17/2018⊕ Dead Man Running★★★★★
127.12/18/2018⊕ Street Freaks★★★☆☆
128.12/22/2018⊕ The Fifth to Die★★★★☆
129.12/24/2018⊕ The Boy on the Bridge★★★★★
130.12/25/2018⊕ Alien 3 #1★★★☆☆
131.12/25/2018⊕ Alien 3 #2★★★☆☆
132.12/26/2018⊕ For We Are Many★★★★★
133.12/27/2018⊕ All These Worlds★★★★★
134.12/30/2018⊕ The Rook★★★★★
135.12/30/2018⊕ Dark Sacred Night★★★★★
136.12/31/2018⊕ Moonwalking with Einstein★★★★★


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